Environmental Surveys

Environmental Surveys

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As more and more land is developed, it becomes increasingly important to protect our water resources. There is not an infinite fresh water supply. Whether they are wetlands, water supply watersheds, streams, ponds or creeks they are very important to the sustainability of life. At CDK Geomatics we are sensitive to this issue. Identifying riparian buffers and floodplains are an important part that we play when we are surveying and mapping property. Our staff works to make sure these features are located during our field surveys. We work with environmental professionals and designers as well as the Corps of Engineers to locate and map delineated wetlands. We are also experienced in location of watercourses for use in the design of stream restoration.

Our staff includes a Certified Floodplain Surveyor (CFS) who can assist you with your floodplain issues and questions. A CFS is a licensed surveyor who has successfully completed the FEMA CFS training and a comprehensive exam.  How does this help you? If you have a house or property that is shown on a flood map as being in a floodplain but you don’t think it is. We can perform a survey and fill out a FEMA elevation certificate to evaluate whether it is or is not in a floodplain. If it is out of the floodplain based on elevation we can “fast track” either a LOMA or LOMR-F and have results usually within 5 business days instead of the 45 to 60 days typically needed to process LOMCs through traditional processes.

  • FEMA Elevation Certificate
  • Wetland Location
  • Riparian Buffer Determination
  • Floodplain Determination
  • Stream Channel Location for Restoration Design

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