Construction Surveys

Construction Surveys

Whether your project is a house stakeout or multiphase mixed-use development, CDK Geomatics has the knowledge and experience to help you succeed.

CDK Geomatics has extensive construction survey experience ranging from basic construction surveys, like home construction layout, to staking complex site developments, such as malls, subdivisions, and highway interchanges.

Whether your project is public, commercial, residential, or industrial CDK Geomatics offers a full complement of construction site staking services to fit your needs. While mass grading, sewer, building layout, curb and gutter and final grade staking are the most common construction site staking tasks, we have the experience and capability to provide services for most any construction site staking situation including: quantity calculations, site control surveys, quality control, as-built survey and grading verification.

Using machine control? Let CDK Geomatics develop an accurate and dependable site control network that you will be able to rely on for the duration of your project. Our highly accurate equipment, rigorous procedures and extensive experience in site control surveys will ensure that you get off to a fast, reliable start with your machine control equipment. We also offer quality control services where we can either stake specific features for you to calibrate your equipment to or we can double-check your work for an additional level of independent verification, giving you a greater sense of comfort. CDK Geomatics can also generate digital terrain models (DTM), road alignment files, and cross section templates from digital site plans and export the data into many formats depending on your equipment.

  • Residential Stakeout
  • Subdivision Stakeout
  • Commercial Stakeout
  • Industrial Stakeout
  • Utility Stakeout
  • Post Construction As-built
  • Stockpile and Excavation Volume

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